Knowing God’s Blessings

bsm2013 098I’m a thinker.

I spend a lot of time thinking about a lot of things. I’m not saying I’m smart, mind you–I’m just saying I think a lot.

I think a lot about the words I say and write. I want to only say and write things that are truthful. I often find myself fact checking a comment before I tweet it or post it on Facebook, or sitting and thinking deeply about something I’m about to say making sure that it is actually a sound statement.

Like when someone needs prayer. I struggle with saying, “I’ll pray for you.” Because, will I? I only want to say it if I actually intend to pray and will follow through. So sometimes when someone requests prayer, I’ll stop what I’m doing and pray. And then I’ll say, “I prayed for you” because that’s truthful while if I say “I will pray for you,” I have good intentions, but I may forget to pray.

Does the Holy Spirit intercede when I forget? Yes, thanks be to God!

Lately I’ve been saying “May you know God’s blessings” rather than “God bless you” or the slightly holier sounding “May God bless you.”

For me, “May you know God’s blessings” is just simply more theologically sound. I can wish and hope that God will bless you, but the truth is, God already has blessed you! The key is not in God bestowing blessings, the key is in you and I recognizing the blessings that God has already given. Good things are overflowing in your life and in my life. We’re truly blessed when we see them and acknowledge them as God-given.

May you know God’s richest blessings today!

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