Family Youth Ministry

Lazy Day

I accidentally took today off. I didn’t really intend to do it, but Jason had to go pressure wash Rev. John and Pam’s house this morning and he just kept working. So Jonas and I hung out at home (I had to wake him up earlier than he wanted because it’s time to get him on his school schedule). Then I started reading (“The View From Mount Joy” by Lorna Landvik–a hallmark of my summer vacation is I read fiction and I love it) and being lazy and eventually it turned into a day off. Of course, Jason just walked in the door, so technically I *could* go to work…but then I started updating my blog and then I decided to stay home and enjoy one of the last days of freedom until Fall Break.

So school starts one week from today. Jonas will be in fourth grade and we don’t know yet who his teacher will be. We’re a little bit anxious about it, because fourth grade is so hard and he’ll be in a bigger class because until now, there have been three teachers for the 54 students in his grade and now there are only two. He’s been meeting a with a first year teacher named Marcy for “helping” (our word for “tutoring”) the last couple of weeks and he really likes that. Hopefully she’ll be able to continue helping him during the school year. This is the year he learns long division, states and capitols, and how to spell ‘environment.’

Our house is still for sale. Nine months. And it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, anytime soon. Our realtor had an open house the other day and for the second time, no one came. Ugh. Selling a house is hard right now. Our only blessing in the process is that we don’t actually have to sell…but we sure wish we could!

The youth group’s had a busy, incredible summer! I’ve been updating their blog more than this one, I know, but mostly it’s been pictures. It flew by so fast.