Leading With Bold Imagination: Tuesday Spaces

(NOTE: The conference artist for Leading With Bold Imagination is Ann Laird Jones. She’s the one who designed and planned all the spaces.)

When I attend conferences, the spaces and atmosphere are really important to me. So I take pictures which only capture about 1/10 of the beauty of these spaces. And then I share them.

These banners fascinated this morning during morning prayer. And then I went to a worship talkback session and the conference artist was there and basically told me: these banners are made of a polyester shower curtain cut in two. She tried to paint them but the paint wouldn’t stick. God makes all things beautiful, you know?


This is tonight’s worship space. Tonight’s worship was incredible. There is a team of wonderfully creative and talented people leading this gathering.


This is a great cloud of witnesses (stars with names of people who have invested in our spiritual lives). One of our texts tonight was Hebrews 11:1-12.


One of the things I love about this space, that I wish could be replicated in our sanctuary (but the pews make it impossible) is that the Table and the Font are in the center (with the pulpit and the piano on either side), and the chairs all face the table from either side. It creates an amazing energy and community. I’d love for our church to choose chairs instead of pews when they update the space because it creates new possibilities for the room.


Last night’s banners and bunches of grapes found a place on the walls around the room.


After worship was completed in Upper Anderson Auditorium, we walked together to Assembly Inn to look at the new worship book of the PCUSA and sing together.


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