Lenten Practice: Choosing Seven Foods

8077920518If you had to choose just seven foods for a week, which ones would you choose?

By the way, the author of the book that inspired this challenge, Jen Hatmaker, chose

chicken, eggs, avocado, spinach, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread and apples

I’ve chosen

eggs, chicken, broccoli, mango, plain Greek yogurt, sweet potatoes and almonds

We start tomorrow! By “we” I mean me, of course, but I feel better saying “we.”

What’s the point again? I’m acknowledging the excess and comfort and gluttony I’ve allowed into my life and I’m going to spend a week eating simply and allowing God to fill me. It’s difficult to acknowledge the disparity between my normal dinner plate (or lunch plate or snack options) and the dinner plates of a large percentage of people who live in the world. I realize that this does not give me solidarity with the millions who go hungry or go without choices, as I still got to choose my foods and there’s no chance I’m going to starve this week, but I hope this will keep me mindful of the disparity.