Let’s just call this one "August 1!"

August 1, 2006

Happy August! Can you believe that it’s here already? It just comes so fast. This month, Jonas will start second grade (in two days!), Jason and I will celebrate our fourth anniversary, we will put a new roof on our house, and we will remodel our family room (or “lower level” as Jason wants us to start calling it–LOL). Whew! I’m positive the first two things will occur and hopeful that the last two things will stay on track.

I am in my second day of a three day vacation from work. It’s not a going away vacation…more like a last chance to rest before the school year starts and things get busy again! It’s kind of a good thing that I was scheduled to take vacation days because Jonas ended up coming to stay with us for the week while his mother recovers from an illness. He and I went to the park and the grandparent’s swimming pool yesterday and got too much sun! Today we played board games, worked in a language workbook, and watched “The Rescuers Down Under.” A little while ago, Jason took him to swim, but I skipped that adventure because I’m sunburned.

Youth Group starts up again on Sunday night! Anyone know any really fun and unique water balloon games we can play? I have a few ideas, but they seem so “been there, done that.”

And, yes, that was me thinking about work on my day off!

One response to Let’s just call this one "August 1!"

  1. August is a crazy busy month, huh? Well, I wish you well on all your endeavors and celebrations this month! (I’m sorry, but I cannot recall your anniversary date. Much of my post-UE years are a purposefully forgotten blur of horrible memories for me. The good things in there sadly got blurred out right along with them!)

    I do not know any new and inventive water balloon games. Only the same old, same old. Sorry. But rest assured, as you know, anything with water is fun for the youngin’s.