And now for something completely different–

Me: (reading a church sign) “YOU are on Heaven’s most wanted list.” Wow…what did you do? That sounds pretty serious.

Jason: I think all the letters are embarrassed about these church signs.

Me: Yeah?

Jason: Yes. There’s going to be an alphabet rebellion.

Me: You’re going to help the letters rebel?

Jason: Let my letters go!

Me: An alphabet exodus?

Jason: Yes. I’m going to set the church sign letters free.

Me: Like in the dark of night, you’re going to free all the letters from all the cheesy church signs?

Jason: Grand Theft Alphabet!

Stay tuned…

One thought on “Letters”

  1. That is awesome!! I not tell nobody when it happens. Best worst sign I ever saw: "Whipped cream and the Bible, cool stuff"

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