Life Update

So I was managing the crowd of children at after school club the other day when my phone rang. The ID said HNS (Holy Name School). Usually when HNS is calling, it’s not good news. Usually someone’s in the principal’s office or the nurse’s office or detention. Of course, at this point school is done for the day and someone is supposed to be in the library at tutoring.

It was Jonas. “I think I have a bladder infection,” he informed me.

See, Jonas has never had a bladder infection. Also, Jonas tends to jump to conclusions rather quickly. “Um. Okay. How do you know?” I asked.

He proceeded to explain to me that his teacher said that she had a bladder infection before and it makes your side hurt. Now, I myself have never had a bladder infection and couldn’t tell you the symptoms, so I’m sure this is true. I’m also sure that Jonas tends to be a little dramatic and a slight hypchondriac. “Is Daddy there?” he wanted to know, obviously growing impatient with my questions rather than dispatching a fleet of ambulances to pick him up and take him to Methodist Hospital to deal with his certain bladder infection.

Long story short, I told Jonas to go back to tutoring and do his homework and promised that I would call Jason and send him to get Jonas as soon as he could.

When I got home after club, Jason was at his computer and Jonas was eating soup. “So?” I asked Jason. “So?” Jason replied.

“What happened with Jonas?”

“Oh, he’s fine! He decided he must have just played too hard this weekend and is worn out.”

Such is life with an eleven year old boy. The other morning he found a hole on the inside of a well-worn pair of shoes and dramatically declared that he couldn’t possibly go to school because of it and the fact that his other pair was too muddy to wear. Luckily, Jason knew how to fix that problem.

Possible bladder infections and holey shoes aside, Jonas is doing fine. He’s participating in a new boy scout troop. The scoutmaster is a good friend of ours and an Eagle Scout. Jason’s helping lead and the boys are already getting to do a lot of cool things. Jonas also has two good looking guitars on guitar stands in his bedroom (acoustic and electric). He strums them from time to time and I’m trying to get him to agree to lessons. Lessons will be hard on Jonas because he’s hard on himself.

You may also be wondering about Jonas’ hair. A few months ago, Jason was frustrated with Jonas and was trying to get Jonas to be reasonable about something else entirely and Jonas countered with, “You never let me grow my hair long!” Jason (who has always insisted Jonas get regular hair cuts) replied, “I don’t care if you never get your hair cut again!” Well, the child who forgets EVERYTHING we tell him will never forget that Jason said this. I think he looks like one of the Beatles. Jason thinks he looks homeless. Jonas thinks he looks awesome.

Jason’s getting organized for the spring rush. He’s got all of his advertising ready to go, all of his paperwork is in order and his calendar is already filling up with jobs to do. With the warmer weather we’ve been having, there’s already been some good opportunities to start tackling spring jobs.

On Monday, Jason was 100 days away from the Appalachian trail. On June 14, he’ll fly to Munsen, Maine and join a minister friend of ours to hike the One Hundred Mile Wilderness. This is no doubt the most dangerous stretch of the trail, but if anyone can do it, I’m confident Jason can. He’s been training for this for a long time and he’s enjoying cataloging and thinking through what he’ll need to put in his backpack for 2-3 weeks in the woods. He’s also enjoying his nearly daily hikes at Audubon Park, hiking the most difficult trails multiple times in an afternoon. Yesterday, he got his bike down for the first time this year and started his conditioning to ride with the Monday night group.

Jason and I went to see the movie “Crazy Heart” the other day. We had been trying to find time for a movie date for a while and it just never worked out for both of us so we decided to skip out on work and head to Showplace. It was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon! I really want to see the new “Alice In Wonderland,” by the way in case anyone else wants to go, too.

I’m busy as usual! Tomorrow night the youth group (and some more mature youth groupies) are going to see tobyMac and Skillet at Roberts Stadium (look for a post about the time I slightly inappropriately touched tobyMac tomorrow…). Easter is coming! Tri-Fest is coming! The girl Scout cookie sale is in full swing and end of the year GS stuff is coming! VBS is coming! Mission trips are coming! The schedule fills up easily this time of year–mostly with meetings and planning and preparing!

I’ve recovered nearly completely from my surgery in January. I still have a little pain and swelling in my foot and still am putting ice on it regularly, but I’m able to do all the things I was doing before surgery without any more pain than I had before surgery. It’s especially good to be able to walk Sam around the neighborhood or downtown again (and we’re loving this nicer weather for sure!). Before too long, I hope to get my bike back down, too–although I’m going to wait until it’s a little bit warmer on a consistent basis.

Yesterday my sister, Carly, turned 28. On Sunday my brother, Jeff, turns 30. THIRTY! That means my parents will have two children in their thirties. I take comfort in knowing there are people who have to feel older than I do.

So that’s what’s happening with the Durhams! We hope you are well!