Lightning Crashes

August 19, 2009
(not an actual picture taken by me–I stole it from google)

Last night, I went to Utica, KY. I had a Girl Scout Rally that I attended on behalf of Henderson Girl Scouts. I had a fun time AND I won a gift card to Cold Stone, which is pretty exciting.

As I was driving home, there was an incredible lightning storm. No thunder, no rain, just lots of fantastic lightning. While I was in my meeting, I had missed a call from Jenny, so I returned it once I got on the Audubon Parkway (a straight stretch with not a lot of traffic). The first thing I asked her was, “Is my life in danger since I’m driving and talking on a cell phone in a major lightning storm?” Her response was, “No, you’re fine. You’re in a Faraday cage.”

Since the only Faraday I know is this one:

(Daniel Faraday from ABC’s LOST…also not a picture taken by me.)

and she’s an actual scientist, I took her word for it.

It was incredible, though–all those lightning bolts all around me and my shiny red Faraday Cage (Someone’s going to google “Faraday Cage” and find my blog–so I apologize right now to that person…and beg them not to leave me a comment about what a Faraday Cage actually is). God’s power is so amazing and beautiful!

Just wanted to share!

One response to Lightning Crashes

  1. I love thunderstorms too!!!!