Little Sister

For the last 13 months, I’ve been waiting. Ever since I made up my mind for certain to join a team of people who would work and plan to bring Big Brothers Big Sisters to Henderson County I’ve known that eventually I’d have a little sister.

Today, I met her family and we went on our first outing.

She’s amazing. Her name is Katie and she’s in the fourth grade.  She has an older brother and a younger brother who also met their Bigs today.

We went to the library and she’s read almost every book in the middle reader section–well, it seemed that way, anyway! She loves drama and dancing and art and spelling. She’s not really into outdoorsy stuff. She gave me homework (two middle reader books that she really enjoyed reading and I have never read).

It’s a perfect match!

We made a list of all kinds of things we’d like to eventually do together, starting with making crafts for Christmas presents after school one day next week.

Mentoring is so important. If you have an hour a week to give to a child who needs another positive adult role model in his or her life, see if volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters is an option. If you’re in Henderson, KY, call the BBBS office at (270) 631-0738!

4 thoughts on “Little Sister”

  1. Becky , First I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to nake time for my daughter. She has been way excited to meet her big sister for awile now. She had a bladt with you tonight. I have not seen Katie this happy in a long time. She has talked about this outing since she got back snd keeps saying mom I really like her. I truly believe God puts certain people in other peoples lives fir a reason. Becky thank you for the best Christmas present ever. We already love you. Hope you dont mind I said that. have a wonderful night and dont forget get your homework done.

    1. Kim, you’re so sweet to comment. Your kind words made my heart melt into a puddle of goo 🙂 I’m so glad BBBS made the match before Christmas and I feel so blessed to be matched with Katie and your family. I’ll see you Tuesday!

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