May We….

December 17, 2009

An original liturgy from Roddy at Abbotsford in Clydebank, Scotland. He publishes “Mucky Paws” monthly. You can find his site here.

As the lights begins to shift
and a crack appears in heaven
As stars slide across the darkness
and angels clear their throats
As an unborn agitates
with the labouring of love

may we…

As incarnation moves from promise
into skin
As words of prophecy
spill into every empty silence
As you, O love, shift restlessly
and begin to let go

may we…

As the world turns
and the rumour goes unnoticed
As grandiose words are spoken
yet never contain the
As the longing and waiting and calling
are missed

may we…

may we shift restlessly along with heaven
at the breath-taking vulnerability of hope
speak justice into the silence of injustice
move towards those others move away from

may we forgive in order to bring new life to the world
prepare to change as all of heaven changes now
live towards what is right and away from what is wrong

may we pull on the hope of advent
live on the cusp of incarnation
and proclaim with our lives
the Good News
of promise
of holy flesh in a messy world
of emmanuel

may we…
may you
make way
for birth
So be it