Merry 3 Days Post Christmas

December 28, 2006

It came and went so quickly! We spent lots of time with lots of family eating too much food. We’ve had a fun week of vacation with lots of playing with toys and new games (we especially like the Cranium games Jonas got this year–Conga and Zooreka). Today we went to the park since it was so pretty outside and then saw “Night At The Museum” in IMAX. It’s actually a pretty decent movie. On Saturday I’ll take a road trip with my mom to pick Carly up and have lunch with Jeff and his girlfriend Polly, as well as some family friends. I’ll post Christmas pictures in another post. I need to upload them first.

FYI to Sarah O: 1) I can’t comment on your blog site. I don’t know why. I’m not having trouble with anyone else’s sites. 2)There’s a series of articles about Nigeria in January’s Mental_Floss. I thought they were interesting and even though you have your own Nigerian expert in house, they might be an interesting read. You may be able to access the articles at

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  1. Can you leave a comment yet?

    I saw pictures of different Nigerian kings on that site. My husband would definitely be able to tell you about that kind of stuff.

    Happy New Year!