Middle School Mission

I’ve been taking a group of middle school kids to City Sights, City Lights since 2002. CSCL is our Presbytery’s middle school mission experience. 48 hours spent working, playing and hardly sleeping somewhere in Kentucky. Today we leave for Bowling Green to stay at Western Kentucky University–in the dorms, even, which will be a fun experience for our 6-8th graders (and the high school sophomore I’m bringing because she’s awesome and wanted to come help).

I’m taking three brand new middle schoolers–meaning this is the first youth group event they will experience. I’m also taking Jonas, who is in 7th grade. This will be the first big youth group event he and I will spent together without his dad. In total, it’s 8 middle school kids, one high school student and me heading to Bowling Green this morning.

We’ll work at a church we helped renovate on a CSCL trip in 2007 and we’ll help staff a day camp. We’re swimming both nights and having a high tech scavenger hunt around the campus. We’re worshiping in the campus chapel with one of the campus ministers and the students he’s gathered to help him.

We appreciate your prayers!