Minor Setbacks

July 23, 2006

We had a little storm here…

Our biggest tree uprooted and fell on the neighbor’s house, had three other trees split, lost Jonas’ swingset and “kidwash” and had some damage to the buildings in the backyard. Also, there were about a million pieces of shingles in our yard, but we have a roofer coming in August to replace the roof anyway.

Anyway, I haven’t been online for awhile because we still have no power (it’s been 52 hours and counting). Tonight, we’re staying at hotel because Jonas has about reached his breaking point. It’s not TV, since he doesn’t watch that anyway and (gasp!) we don’t have cable, but it’s the lack of lights and air conditioning and warm water.

I hope you all are well!

4 responses to Minor Setbacks

  1. Oh my! That looks pretty bad. I think it is neat you show cosern for others in your post when you obviously need others to be conserned for you. I will pray that clean up goes well. The weather has been truly bizarre in recent years!

  2. I had no idea you had had that kind of weather! Wow! I’m glad all of you are okay. I hope your electricity is on by now. So, was it deemed straight line winds that did that damage? Cuz that’s pretty bad stuff right there!

    By the way (totally off subject!)…I went by your high school yesterday and thought fondly of you! 🙂

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