Monarch Butterfly Pics

September 18, 2006

My brother, Jeff–a city boy who had some trouble catching butterflies. This picture turned out awful!

Jonas catching butterflies!

Jonas having one of his butterflies tagged–number 111, female.

Jason catching a butterfly.

The butterfly catchers.
Jonas had almost as much fun playing in the water–he got soaked.

3 responses to Monarch Butterfly Pics

  1. What a fun time! But where are you? Why no pictures of you catching butterflies! I esp. like the picture of Jason where he looks like he’s about to pounce on an unsuspecting butterfly!

  2. That is one great “strike-a-pose” picture of Jason catching butterflies! Hahaha!

    What a lovely yellowy field!

  3. Did I tell you about my butterfly attraction. One day I was walking out of church to my car. Someone started to pray for me and held my hand. A butterfly landed right on me. Then when I was spending some glorious one on one time with God is a garden a butterfly just sat on my leg for quite awhile. I love butterflies!!!! Jenny gave me a great insight into how spiritual they actually are. She took me through the process of how they turn from a catipillar to a butterfly. Wow, God is amazing. I want to do that next year.