Monday Morning

November 10, 2008

BRRR! It’s cold here. At least, it’s cold in my office. And I think I’m still cold from being at Camp Loucon this weekend.

It was a pretty awesome weekend. We had about 85 people(?). And that’s not an evangelical estimate–I actually didn’t count. But I know that someone counted about 60-70 students and there were about 20 adults. Anyway, someone knows because we had to pay for everyone and Camp Loucon probably frowns on estimating your group total.

The theme was YouChurch. We had morning devotional times, three main worship services, and cabin devotions each night to work through the theme. On Saturday morning, we divided into groups and did high ropes (high school), low ropes (middle school) and rock climbing (middle school). On Saturday afternoon, our group did the zipline (but I did not go this year because it was getting dark so some of the adults chose not to go so we wouldn’t have to hike back to camp after dark–good idea, too, because we actually got a little lost and had to retrace our steps).

One of our campers (Ben) got sick on Saturday night–really sick. So he and I left camp at 10:30 on Saturday night to come back to Henderson. We got here after midnight and his dad met me (his dad actually lives near Mt. Vernon, IN) and picked him up. Then I went to our house and spent the night at home and drove back to camp in time for lunch and closing worship yesterday morning. I’m so glad that Ginny (Elle’s mom) went with us because it meant that I wasn’t leaving our kids without an adult from Henderson on the premisis. I went to bed about 1 a.m. Sunday morning and was awakened by Aimee, calling from camp to ask if Ben was feeling better. Oh well–I got about as much sleep as I would have had if I had actually slept at Loucon.

Anyway, I’m working on uploading pictures to the youth blog.

Jason had a good time on his hike/camping trip as well. He met some other guys who like to camp but can’t always find someone to go with them, so he might have some new camping buddies. That would be great for him because he doesn’t want to go by himself or just him and Jonas because it’s not always safe.

Last night, Jason picked me up at the church after we got back from Loucon and we went home and ate dinner and watched some episodes of Heroes on DVD. Then we went to bed at 8:00 because we were both exhausted. It’s a good thing, because today I’m not feeling any of the camp lag you sometimes feel after a weekend like that!

But it’s Monday and there’s real work to do–so here I go!

One response to Monday Morning

  1. Wow! Sounds like an eventful weekend! But I’m glad to hear that you’re not overly exhausted from it all. That’s a huge blessing.

    Counting down the days….!!!