Monday Morning

Normally, I adore October. I love the weather and Fall Break and the calm before the holiday storm. It’s also a good month for writing for me.  This October’s been tough. I’ve been so tired and sick feeling that I’ve spent much of the month in bed, asleep or trying to sleep.

Last week was Fall Break and I hardly left the house. I followed doctor’s orders–rested, drank my fluids, avoided too much activity. I watched season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy (again) and started streaming “The Wonder Years” on Netflix. I sat on the back deck with Sam because he loves Fall and was getting stir crazy being inside so much (and he doesn’t like to be outside without me if I’m home…he’s loyal to a fault).

This weekend, I may have overdone it. Just a little. But it was Youth Sunday weekend and I love that group of kids and they get so excited about Youth Sunday. At rehearsal and at services yesterday morning, I had supernaturally provided energy. Our middle and high school students are amazing. The had written their own prayers, their own sermon and children’s sermon. They met without me to practice music together. They memorized their lines for the dramatic parts. This service was all theirs. I put the bulletin together and kept them organized. During worship, I sat back several rows and just worshiped.

But when I got home yesterday, I was exhausted. I hardly cared that I had misplaced my phone and crawled into bed and closed my eyes. Eventually, I went with Jason to take Jonas to his grandparents house and we stopped at the church and found my phone (so all is well on that front).

This week, I try to slowly re-enter society. As an adult with responsibilities, there are many things I can pass off to volunteers, but there are some things that I need to just take care of. I have subs for my ministry “things” this week, but I will do some organizational things. I have permission to do things when I can. I’m staying home this morning, but I’ll head to the church after noon today to do a few things I need to do before our after school kids gather (with my assistant and my sub).

I am taking advantage of the excuse to skip the Session meeting (like the church board) tonight. Those meetings start at 7 and usually last past 9, so I’m going to sit this one out. See? I can do this “rest when I need to” thing.

One of my college roommates gets married on Saturday. Right now, we plan to attend. I’m hopeful that I’ll feel fine to make the trip.

So, that’s the boring update from bedside. I have enjoyed catching up on the online worlds of my friends. Keep doing and writing interesting things, okay?