Monday Morning

July 23, 2007

It’s Monday. I have so much to do! So naturally, I’m blogging.

We had an interesting weekend. On Saturday, we helped my mom move into her new house. Jason rented a U-Haul and Jeremy (one of the youth groupies) helped him move all of the furniture and appliances that needed to go to the new place. We took a lot of boxes over as well. It’s a lot of unpacking for mom to do, but her new house is wonderful and I think she’ll love living there.

Mom really wasn’t feeling well on Saturday, so she decided to go to the doctor. And then she went into the hospital. She will be okay, but she had to stay for two nights so far. Hopefully she’ll go home today and finally get to sleep in her new house! I imagine it’s pretty boring in the hospital once you start feeling better, so I hope she gets out soon.

Jenny came to visit yesterday. She’s on her “I’m never going to see you again, give me a hug, goodbye” tour. We had some of her going away cake:

Yes, those are peanut butter M&Ms! It was pretty much awesome, as far as cakes go. Jason tried to claim that the “J” stood for Jason, because it was “husband appreciation day.” We watched Drumline. It inspired us to drink more 7-up. We also went to the fabulous Henderson riverfront and played in the fountains.

Then we went home and helped Jason fold work towels. Jenny found the baby towel (we told her one of the towels was smaller than the others and even though she figured we were just tricking her into helping fold towels, she decided to accept the challenge because she wanted to be the one to find the baby towel).

Anyway, she leave for Texas for good on Saturday and I hope she has a great time and makes lots of fantastic friends!

Now it is Monday. I’m at my desk, working on some paperwork type stuff before I go and clean the art room to get it ready for after school club to start! Tomorrow, I’ll spend the day at Burdette Park with the Youth Group, swimming and enjoying what will hopefully be a pretty day!

6 responses to Monday Morning

  1. I promise I look so drunk in that picture. But, yeah, I got the little towel….woo-hoo!

  2. Whatta cake!

    But you will see Jenny again, won’t you?!?!??!!

  3. Oh, she has no choice! I’m going to visit. I might even call her before I come!

  4. Who needs to call before they come?

    Who needs them to be home?

    Who needs a key?

    I hope she stocks her fridge!


  5. LOL. Jonas and I were talking about the day you came to visit and climbed through our window…

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