Moving In!

Becky’s Blog is moving/has moved to WordPress!

I’m very excited and very grateful to my friend, Nibby, for all of his work and his willingness to teach me all kinds of things. I’m really excited about the new site.

Basically, things might be shaky for a day or two while the domain changes over!

The site will still be and you’ll arrive there automatically if you type that/keep that link.

The RSS feed will change, so if you’ve subscribed or are using it in a widget, you’ll need to update from the new site.

I’ve had some fun making the banner that you see at the top of the page  (not bad for my first attempt, eh?), adding my little floating head as the favicon (most of you should see that up on the tab for this page), taking some pictures, writing my “about” page, learning some new widgets and plugins, and re-organizing my categories (formerly tags). I’ve learned all about wordpress in the past couple of months as we’ve moved the church site and I’ve become an admin/author on #RunRevRun.  There are still some things I need to figure out and fix, but we thought we were ready to take it live!

Here we go! Thanks for reading!