My Brain Seems Mushy

February 18, 2008
When I was in school, I think I was pretty smart. Academic team, graduated in the top ten of my high school class, did well in college–even studied Greek and wrote some pretty tough papers and a senior thesis.

Lately, it’s become clear that my brain is becoming mush. I try to keep this from happening by doing sudoku puzzles, playing brain teaser games on my cell phone and by studying and taking notes. But I don’t think it’s working very well. I think if someone put one of those blue books in front of me and told me to fill it with an essay, I’d either hyperventilate (to get out of it) or it would take me no less than 6 hours. My grammar is going down the drain and I have to look up big words to make sure I’m spelling them right. I suppose it comes down to “use it or lose it.”

I need to go back to school before my mind is reduced to a puddle of gray matter. But for what? And with what time? And with what money?

Well, I’ll be praying about that…

One response to My Brain Seems Mushy

  1. I will admit, getting my master’s was a huge help for me. I can’t say my grammar is perfect when I write on blog comments or in emails or anything of the like, but I did enjoy writing papers and researching again. At the end I was SO over it, but it felt good to flex the old brain muscle again. If you get the chance I encourage you to do so. Teaching a subject like biology that requires constant “keeping up” also helps me because I have to be knowledgeable about things and I also get to take training courses in the sciences almost yearly. But I totally understand where you are coming from because I felt the same way before I started my master’s course. Which was part of the reason I dove in when I did. No mushy brains! I detest the thought!