My Darling Husband

October 13, 2005

Jason has injured his back. We were coming home from our weekend in Hopkinsville, KY when we had a flat tire. Jason changed the tire and in the process, he hurt his 33 year old back. He was unable to go to work on Monday morning, so he went to the Chiropractor instead. They said he’s got all kinds of things wrong with his back–including a missing disk. He’s been in pain all week and has not been able to to go work (his job at the factory is very physically demanding).

I’m on vacation this week and Jonas is with us, so at least Jason’s been able to be home with Jonas more than he would have otherwise. But pray that he would get better soon (and follow the doctor’s orders a little bit better!) so that he can go back to both of his jobs (factory and his own window/gutter/pressure wash business). Thanks!