My Keys Are Hanging In My Office Door…

July 15, 2008

I hurt my back in the most stupid way on Saturday morning. So stupid that I won’t share the details, except to say that I’m clumsy. It’s getting better after a visit to my chiropractor yesterday, but it still hurts. I hurt it on Saturday so I tried to stay off my feet as much as possible (but I’m a busy girl and we had plans on Saturday night, so we went ahead with those). Then I preached two services on Sunday and supervised the youth group painting party. Yesterday, I took the day off and today I’m trying to make it at work.

One of our high school girls is working on this really awesome mural in the youth room this morning. We went to the paint store and bought some colors. The room recently got a new paint job (with the students all working together on Sunday night to roll the colors on the walls). We are definitely grateful to Bob, a member of our church who did all of the priming and cut in work, as well as all the painting of the white walls and replacing the baseboard. Praise God for people who know how to do these things well!

Jason and Jonas went camping at Audubon Park last night. Jason’s been itching to try out some of his new camping gear and Jonas has just been anxious to go camping. This means it was quiet at home, which I was sure to enjoy.

Today, Jonas meets with his new math “helper.” (We aren’t using the word “tutor”.) Her name is Marcy and my sister in law recommended her. Hopefully she’ll help Jonas feel better about multiplication and division!

Tomorrow, the youth group is climbing at Vertical Excape. I don’t guess I’ll be participating much in this trip because of my back, but I will be able to take pictures. I’ve never taken a group of middle and high schoolers to VEx, so I’m excited.

2 responses to My Keys Are Hanging In My Office Door…

  1. Sorry for your pain (although I’d really like to know how you did it!) but I’m glad you were able to be productive and get some rest, too.

  2. Hurting your back is not something to do if you are a busy girl. That can decommission you pretty well. I hope you are getting some much needed rest and not over exerting yourself.

    Like Jenny- I would like to know as well 😉