My New FCA Bible = Cool.

September 19, 2006

Rusty brought me my new FCA Bible this morning and it is awesome! It’s got all kinds of devotions and things in it for FCA clubs and of course, GOD’S WORD! I <3 this Bible.

2 responses to My New FCA Bible = Cool.

  1. Sweet! I LOVE new Bibles! Of course, I always resort back to the one Katie gave me back when I worked at CCI for “casual” reading. But my “teacher’s Bible” is the one I take on the go. Isn’t it awesome that we can live in a place where we can own multiple Bibles with no fear? And tote them around with us wherever we please? I think I take that for granted WAY too much. Strangely, after that dream I had where my mom had me committed to that hospital/prison, I am a little more appreciative of some of my freedoms. Anyway….yeah, cool Bible! 🙂