My Only Baby Brother

July 29, 2009

The Durhams have had a really fun week. Jeff arrived last week and spent Monday-Thursday putting a new roof on Mom’s house. He assembled a local work crew, which meant that there were 6 people (most of them church members) who had a paying job for a couple of days. I thought that was pretty cool of him to do it that. So, despite a couple of rainy setbacks, the roof is on.

After the roofing was done, it was time to have fun. Joined by our friends, V and Wii, we had dinner at mom’s house one night, went biking in southern Illinois on Saturday and went to Holiday World on Monday. He also helped us with music at church on Wednesday night and Sunday morning, being that he is a very talented musician. All in all, he spent 8 days with us and it was really nice.