My Wonderful Husband

September 10, 2005
Jason came home from a hard day of work yesterday (8 hours in the factory, 5 hours pressure washing and giving estimates) and told me to get ready to go out. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We got in his truck and he just drove all over the downtown, which made me keep thinking, “Oh, we’re going to Mi Cocina,” or “Oh, we must be going to the river” or “Is he taking me to Rookies?” before he finally parked at the riverfront park and walked us over to Amicis, a quaint little Italian restaurant downtown that neither of us had ever tried. We hadn’t been to dinner since before his temporary layoff, so it was a really nice surprise. We had salad and pasta and talked about things that didn’t include 1)work or 2)the boring every day stuff we’re usually forced to talk about. We discussed what we would write about if we ever wrote a book and that sparked other discussion. We took our time, ignored the waitress who kept asking if she should take our plates, and enjoyed being there.

Then we walked around the downtown for a little bit, saw that one of our friends was still in her downtown shop and visited, and then went to Blockbuster to rent a movie.

We both have a busy day of work ahead of us today, but he actually made me breakfast and served it to me on a tray this morning. So then I packed his lunch for him before he left.

What a great guy I married!

One response to My Wonderful Husband

  1. Niklas & Katie Lorentzon September 11, 2005 at 1:02 pm

    That sounds lovely! You definitely married a great guy! Go Jason!

    Thanks for answering the Katie Question! You know it is always one of the best ways to get to know someone or to stay in touch with who someone is by asking about their Life Dreams and Life Vision. And it is always encouraging for others to hear because it points to a God who is a Dream-Giver and a Dream-Fulfiller.

    My dreams right now have a lot to do with the kids in my Sunday School, who are all precious creations of God. I also dream of becoming a philanthropist. That is new for me!

    Have a great week!