Nancy Drew and other things

June 21, 2007

So, I went back to work after my mental health days.

My first day back, I took the youth group to Walther’s Golf N Fun.

The next day (today), I took club 345 to see the new Nancy Drew movie.

Do you think this helped my mental state? Not so much…but it was fun.

The movie was pretty cute. Even the boys liked it. It was a little bit scary in places (the girls were hanging on to each other), but not too scary. More like the fun kind of scary.

Oh, and I gotta shout out to SEAN, who I’m IMing with right now and is reading my blog…probably we both should be working.

One response to Nancy Drew and other things

  1. It’s almost like I’ve been blogspotted, but without a link!

    I’ll accept the honorable mention.