#NaNoWriMo Report

nano novel stats day 30

Today is day 30 of #NaNoWriMo. I’ve written just over 31,000 words.

I knew when I started that there was really no way I could make 50,000 words without pulling late nights, early mornings and neglecting family time. So on November 1, when I started, I actually would not have predicted I would write 31,000 words because I knew going in that I was not going to forsake sleep or family for this challenge.

Over in my sidebar, you can see how my daily progress went. If the square is green, it means I wrote 1,667 words that day. If it’s yellow, it means I wrote a good chunk of those words. If it’s orange, it means I wrote a few words but not many. Red means I didn’t even log in that day. Red means the Fall Retreat, family time at ChristThanksmas, etc. Red actually means I did not write today and I don’t regret it because I was doing other things.

It was fun to do and I plan to keep working on my nano novel. I have fallen in love with my characters and I kind of like what I’m writing.

“When do you start making money?” My husband has quipped all month.

Not this month! I’m okay with that.

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