ND and TOD

February 17, 2006

We live in the county and we often have stray dogs in our neighborhood because owners just dump them. For about 3 weeks, we’ve had two big dogs (one husky and one other kind of dog that I don’t know) just running around loose. They have gotten all of the neighborhood dogs (ours included) worked up so that they bark all night long.

Yesterday, Jason caught one of the dogs. I named him ND (New Dog–pronounced like Andy, but with a short e). We tied him to our tree and called the Humane Society. His friend, TOD (The Other Dog) came around and we tied him to the tree, too. He chewed through his leash–our leash, actually now that I think about it! Hey! That wasn’t nice! Anyway, he was loose, but he stayed with ND anyway.

Anyway, this morning, the Humane Society came to get them. We hated to send them away, but with two dogs (one that was a stray) and a cat (a stray), we aren’t in the market for any new pets! Actually, if anyone wants a white female lab (spayed) who makes a GREAT watchdog since she barks at everything that moves at any time of the day, give me a call!

So, good luck, ND and TOD! I hope someone else wants you. And I hope they give you better names.

2 responses to ND and TOD

  1. I want that dog!!! But, you know my Dad. He doesn’t often give me what I want so I will remain helpless to the protect myself from the evil that plauges Kendallville. Ha, we are such a quiet, simple town no watch dog would survive. I know what you mean about hating free varments. I use to want to let all animals free. Now I know it is important to keep them under tight control. Animals are wild and aren’t controlled if they wander free. Thank you for taking some action, boys. Just a humorous quote for Jenny Hayes on a Becky blog from Beauty and the Beast.

  2. I think those names are quite fitting. In the Bible people were always given meaningful names that reflected who they were or would be just like you did.

    Hey, I drove past our senior year apt. several times yesterday and Saturday and as I saw the signs of the current inhabitants dwelling there I could only think back with fond memories of disco kitchens and brick layer competitions. Yes, those were some good times!

    By the way….the wall broom has permanently been retired. I decided my style was no longer “homey” and what not and have now reverted to a more collegish type style. Go figure!