Next Year’s VBS Theme is Pretty Geeky…

September 12, 2007


Rejoice, science lovers! Our new VBS theme is very scientific!

I don’t have clip art yet, but here’s the link.

Some of the fun names:

Squeaky Beakers Pre-School (far and away my favorite)
Test Tube Treats
Sonic Sing and Play
Hyperspeed Games
Wacky Works Crafts and Mission
Cinema Science Theatre
Faith Fusion Finale

And the song list is really good this year (last year wasn’t my favorite).

Thought I’d share the excitement!

3 responses to Next Year’s VBS Theme is Pretty Geeky…

  1. Like I even need to comment on how cool that is!

  2. Maybe we could fly you in as a “special consultant.”

  3. How creative and strange. I like it.