No, I Don’t Hate You

If you’re wondering, ‘Hey! I didn’t get a Christmas card from Jason, Becky and Jonas this year! I wonder if it got lost in the mail…I wonder if they lost my address…I wonder if I didn’t make the Christmas card cut this year.’ The answer is no to all of these things.

If your question was “Hey! I wonder if Becky is running out of time to send out Christmas cards and she gets more stressed about it every day because no Christmas card fairy has arrived at her house to do it for her?!” The answer to that question/exclamation is yes.

You know what I think would be original? Christmas cards in February!

2 thoughts on “No, I Don’t Hate You”

  1. I so wish you’d have posted this last week! I’ve spent night after night crying myself to sleep wondering why I’d not made the cut this year. Was it because of something I said? Didn’t say? Because I moved? You hate me? Why? Why? Why?

    I feel much better now. 🙂

  2. You know a friend of my family’s always sent out a “letter” in January that included a few of the past years “highlights” including a couple pictures. Granted they were all the same and went to many people, but I always enjoyed it a lot more than just a Christmas card signed b someone with nothing personal and no news included. I haven’t brought it up with Brian recently but I think that is something we might do this year. BUt you might also get a card if I have your address (YOu all might want to send me you address just in case) since Brian thinks it is so cool to have a post mark that says the North Pole.

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