No Snow Days For Us

February 15, 2007

Yes, Kristina (Re: your last comment), there was no snow in Hendo. We went to school yesterday and today and forever except for a little bitty snow day we had a couple of weeks ago which we will make up on Monday.

However, this may mean that we will, for the first time in however many years, enjoy a complete Spring Break (we usually lose part of the first week). That will be awesome because I like Spring Break.

This weekend, we have a few students who are going to participate in DNOW (Disciple NOW) at Zion Baptist Church. This is a collaboration between the youth ministries of several churches. Pray for Aimee, Shanay, Harrison, and Josh from our church, and the other 300 or so kids who are participating in the event.

Oh, and Jonas had a birthday last week. I didn’t get a chance to blog about it. He turned 8 years old on the 8th. We had a family party on Friday night and then a party for his classmates at Vertical Excape. We had a lot of fun, but it sure made us all tired.

One response to No Snow Days For Us

  1. It’s kind of surprising that you haven’t had any, ya know? I mean, you’d have thought us getting snow up here would have been enough for you guys to get called off! LOL You crazy Kentuckians! Meanwhile, my school has become the one that is ALWAYS the last to call off. I get very irritated by it. All the others are off/delayed by like 7 pm and we don’t get a call until 11 or the next morning! SO irritating!