Noodle Hockey

Sometimes, you just need a good blow off steam activity. This is halfway through the game, when some of them were starting to wear out even.

Noodle Hockey:

Supplies needed: pool noodles (you could cut noodles in half if you wanted to) and a light ball. Nerf would be best!

Rules: There aren’t any.

Actually, we used the green mats between the lines marked on the basketball courts as our goal areas. Each team has a goalie that’s allowed to kick or throw the ball if it comes into their box. And we used the center circle for the faceoff.

It’s a great game and they had a lot of fun slapping the pool noodles around. One girl’s basic strategy was to just start beating on whichever opposing teammate was controlling the ball. It was definitely a great active start to our gathering.

Note: I didn’t invent this game, but I’m not sure where I got the basic idea.