Not So Quiet Time

On Mondays and Wednesdays I drive the church van to a local elementary school and pick students up for our after school program. I go about 20 minutes early because parking is an issue. This is the sane, quiet part of my afternoon. I read, listen to music or podcasts, or just stare into space and prepare for 12 kids to invade the van.

Today I was playing Angry Birds on my phone when I noticed a vehicle trying to parallel park behind me. She was having trouble so I inched the van forward to give her more room and went back to my game.

“Oh thank you for moving up!” I heard.

I looked up and smiled. “you’re welcome.” I said and went back to my game.

“I just hate parallel parking,” she continued. And continued. And continued.

She rattled on about her parking, her grandson’s permit, how much insurance is, how she picks her granddaughter up from school…on and on. She was very nice, but I wasn’t shooting birds at towers or having my quiet time. I nodded along, laughed when I was supposed to and reminded myself that I was in the church van representing Jesus.

And then she said “my husband died three years ago…”

“My friend was diagnosed with cancer today…”

“My granddaughter is out of control…”


I turned my phone off. I should have done that when she first approached. Sometimes I forget that ministry doesn’t just happen when I want it to.

If you would, pray for Debbie and her granddaughter and her friend Barbara. Thanks.