OH….I just didn’t know!

Last night, I was trying to get Jason to dance with me and he wouldn’t. I told Jonas, “Jonas, when you get married, be sure to dance with your wife every once in a while!”

Jonas jumped up from his legos and yelled, “Well, when I grow up, I’m not going to get married because I’m going to be a priest, that’s why. Just try to stop me!”

Jason and I looked at each other, just a little more than surprised and I said, “Oh. Okay, then. We won’t.”

And Jonas sat back down on the floor and kept playing.

Just thought I’d share.

One reply on “OH….I just didn’t know!”

Sometimes you never really know what is going through kids’ heads! And then all of a sudden it will pop out! Their logic certainly makes total sense to them, after all!

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