Orange Starburst Lip Gloss

November 6, 2008

Feel free to use that title for the name of a band you might form in the future. I think it’s a good one! For me, it just means I was looking around the room when I was trying to think of a title for this post and that’s the first thing I saw.

So it’s Thursday. I’m supposed to take today off because I’m going with our youth group to our annual Fall Retreat at Camp Loucon, but I’m only going to get the morning off. There simply are not enough hours in the week to get everything done! It’s been fun planning the retreat with the Leadership/Development committee from our Presbytery and Adam from O’boro and Rob from Mad-ville. I know we’re all really busy today! Among other things, here are some things I still need to tackle before 5:00 tomorrow night:

  • Place 90 people from 6 churches in 7 cabins (it can be done, but not without separating some groups–which means that rather than retreating into God’s marvelous goodness tomorrow night, I’ll be flooded with requests to switch cabins and complaints about “how come they got the cabin by the bathrooms?”).
  • Buy s’more supplies for 90 people to make s’more on two separate nights.
  • Pack. Lots of stuff. Because I’ll be outside all weekend.
  • Prepare to be outside all weekend and sleep in a cabin and share nature with mice, snakes and middle school boys.
  • Gather board and card games to take in case it rains (please, God, do not let it rain.).
  • Pack up the multimedia equipment and try to find all of the chords that go with the projector and my lap top.
  • Pray, pray, pray, pray and pray some more!

I’m really excited, though. Our theme is “YouChurch: Broadcast Gospel.” We’re going to learn more about how we can be the church that God calls us to be. We’ll spend the weekend exploring the ways we are each created to minister to others. We have lots of different kinds of experiences planned for worship. We’re using lots of multimedia tools as well as some simpler devotional styles. The First Korean Presbyterian Church is bringing their worship band to lead us in worship. Some people from the college ministry at Murray State are coming to lead some games, ice breakers, and assist in worship and activities. We will have campfires, do high ropes, low ropes, and rock climbing. We will take rides on the zip line (through the trees, not into the water). We will hike, play, and folk dance together.

Pray for the group that’s going from our church, please!

This weekend, while I’m on the retreat, Jason will be doing a River to River hike near Garden of the Gods. He’s going with a group through TopSpot Outdoors in Evansville. He’s pretty excited and has been packing up his new camping and backpacking equipment all week. It’s a 16 mile hike and overnight so pray for him, too. He’s been hiking with his pack on some of the tough trails at Audubon Park to make sure he’s in shape to keep up.

After the retreat, I’ll be spending time working on Girl Scout stuff, Operation Christmas Child stuff, getting ready for Youth Sunday, and planning some stuff for the kids at church. Also, we’re deep in talks about a playground/family area on the side yard at the church and a possible mid-week pre-school program. Lots and lots and lots of things to keep me busy!

**edited because when I re-read the post, I found things to edit. 🙂