Osage Drive

September 2, 2009

That’s the street where I now live. I used to not know what “Osage” meant or why that was the name of this street, but now I realize that they are a Native American tribe. The more you know, the more you grow, friends.

I’m hanging out on Osage Drive this morning because I’m waiting for the AT&T service person to come and switch our phone line. They are coming between 8 and 12. I got up early, made the bed, did a little laundry and cleaning and read the daily Scriptures. Since then, I’ve been hanging out with my laptop and my dog in the kitchen. Waiting.

We’re pretty much all moved in. Jason turned the key over yesterday, so we’re done at Old Madisonville Road. Now it’s just a matter of finding a place for everything in our new, shared household! That’s a little bit tricky and takes some creativity and a little sacrifice.

Jeff is coming to visit this weekend. I’m excited to see him again. He’s got a lot of work to do around here…and he’s going to play (his guitar) with us at church on Sunday, so that’s exciting. It also means we get to have rehearsal and then a Guitar Hero party at the home of our dear friends, Randy and Debbie since we can’t practice at the church on Saturday because there is a wedding.

As for the rest of this week–more cleaning, more working, more planning, more dreaming!

Hey, my next post will be my 500th post! That’s crazy!

One response to Osage Drive

  1. I can't wait to see you 500th blog. And YES- I read them all and look at the pictures too!

    You were my inspiration to twitter and to blog.

    I don't see anywhere on blogger that keeps up with the number of blogs I have written. Where do you find that? Also, are you using Windows Live Writer to write your blogs?