Our Fire Pit

IMG_3761There has always been something so wonderful about a fire. Not a forest fire or a house fire or an out of control, wreaking havoc kind of fire, of course.

But a campfire.

I love the smell of wood burning. I love the embers glowing. I love the flames dancing around.

Our backyard here in The Hills is wonderful. It has a secluded feeling (even though we have a neighbor on either side) and we’ve worked to make it simple, yet relaxing. A hammock, a swing on the patio, a grill, a table and chairs, bird feeders and a garden…. There are trees for shade, yet plenty of sunshine. Open spaces for cornhole and tag when kids visit and a tree that’s perfect for climbing. It’s fenced in, which means that the dog (or visiting children) can run without us worrying so much about any dangers lurking in the street or beyond our property lines. It’s a comfortable place to sit and read or chat or meditate.

Now we have a fire pit.

And we’ve been using the heck out of it since it appeared in our yard less than a month ago.









We expect to get lots more use out of this wonderful addition to our yard this summer. If you’re driving through the hills and you smell a wood fire, stop and visit! We’ll add a chair to the circle!