Our Long Haired Hippie

Jonas is refusing to cut his hair. He’s old enough, we figure, to begin making decisions about his appearance. It’s just that he’s not making good decisions. I mean, it’s just kind of starting to look really…shaggy. His hair is REALLY, EXCEPTIONALLY thick and it’s getting really hot outside–surely he’s getting miserable.

But Jonas is nothing if he’s not stubborn!

It all started when Jonas was mad at Jason about something else entirely and instead of arguing about what was actually going on, Jonas exclaimed: “You always make me get my hair cut!”

Jason replied: “I don’t care if you ever get your haircut again.

Sometimes, Jason and I have to talk about the things he says a little too hastily.

So, anyway, we are apparently “fighting the power” and “not letting the man get us down.” I’m pretty sure Uncle Jeff is pretty proud, since he also has prided himself on letting his hair grow as long as possible.

The other day, Jonas came home from school and gleefully told us about how his English teacher suggested that he move his hair out of his face because she’s pretty sure he can’t see the blackboard. He thought that was awesome.

More than a few people have offered to give him a barrette. There’s no shaming him. He thinks he looks like a rockstar.

Jason’s going to give him the chance to get a haircut this week…I’ll let you know what happens!