Question on MindBump: “If you were limited to having only one electrical outlet in your home, which device would you plug into it?”

Answer given by me: Coffee pot. Ask me a hard question.

It’s not a bad answer. I mean, it’s not like I live with someone who requires a machine to keep him or her alive. Actually, the coffee pot is the closest thing I have to a machine that keeps someone alive.

The things I can eliminate: televisions, radios, night lights, microwave, surround sound system, video games, hair dryer/straightener, paper shredder, cordless phone.

So that leaves…a lamp? The refrigerator? The washing machine? Laptop? Phone charger?

I mean, life sure is better with all of these things…I don’t know which one to choose.

Which is why I have my new answer: I would plug a 12 outlet power strip into my one outlet.

(Yes, I’d also tell my genie that for my third wish, I want 1000 more wishes).