overheard at Brownies yesterday

August 29, 2007

The girls were especially funny yesterday.

Becky: Let’s name some places in our community.

Lily: Rookies

Becky: Right, restaurants are a part of our community.

Lily: Only, I hate going there now. They don’t let kids go in the bar.

Sophia: (sarcastically) I wonder why they don’t let CHILDREN in the BAR. Duh, Lily.

Becky: Can you name some of our community leaders?

Lily: You!

Becky: Well, I might be a leader in some parts of our community, but I’m talking about more official community leaders.

Lilianna: Oh– the Queen Bee?

Becky: who’s that?

Lilianna: You know, the bee that’s the queen and in charge!

Becky: Okay, well, yes, she’s the leader of the bee community.

Cassy: Garbage men!

Becky: Um…well…say more about that.

Cassy: I just can’t believe that they take your trash and dump your trash cans wherever they want.

Becky: Um…

This conversation did not get better.


Sophia: Sydney, why do you always wear tight clothes?

Sydney: (blushes. She terribly shy)

Becky: Her clothes aren’t tight. They just fit her. Maybe you like your clothes a little more loose.

Sophia: Hey, I’m a big girl!

Cassy: Yeah, girls like us–we’re pleasantly plump!


Caroline: Ms. Becky, could you explain to me why a church would have a gym.

Becky: Well, they added the gym about 15 years ago so kids would have a place to play.

Caroline: Do they ever use this room (the art room) for church?

Sophia: No, but they use that area in the gym–where I got married (in a pretend wedding a few weeks ago).

Becky: Right, we have our early service there.

Caroline: That’s so cool. Church in the gym.

Cassy: Is it a kids church?

Becky: No, it’s for adults and kids.

Cassy: But I bet the kids have more fun since it’s a gym.

4 responses to overheard at Brownies yesterday

  1. Sarah Oyehreenday August 29, 2007 at 9:23 am

    hee hee… those are some great conversations.


  2. Kids are so amusing. Gotta love’em!

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Lorentzon August 30, 2007 at 11:15 pm

    HA HA!


  4. This made my day. How amusing.