September 18, 2005

Well, it’s Sunday and I have a few moments before youth group starts to update. Church went well this morning. The early service was led by a lay member of our church and she used a few Psalms and spoke mostly from her heart about the hurricane tragedy. It was a moving service. I appreciate this woman so much for all that she does for me and for the church.

I taught Sunday School for the children this morning. We have been learning about Daniel and the Lion’s Den and so today we made prayer journals. To be continued…

So, I haven’t had a chance to follow up on my last post to tell you about how the day did not necessarily get better. It got more “interesting.”

I picked Jonas up from school and took him for a haircut. He was good as gold for that. Then we went to the grocery store. He insisted on squeezing himself into one of the “car carts.” They are regular grocery carts that have a little car on the front for kids to ride in. I hate them because they are hard to steer! Things were fine until we got to the ice cream section. He wanted ice creams cones. He really wanted ice cream cones. He wasn’t bratty about it, or anything, just insisted that he had to have them. So I told him that would be dessert after dinner and picked some up. He was a little difficult in line, pushing the cart all over the place while the cashier was having trouble ringing up my stuff. He had to sit in five minutes of time out for that when we got home, which of course he fussed and yelled about. I wish someone would give me a five minute time out some times. I would take a nap.

After time out, I let him take a shower to get all of the loose hair off and play for about 10 minutes. He and I worked on his math homework and then we took a practice spelling test. He missed most of the words, which isn’t good for the night before the test! So he worked on writing the ones he missed three times each while I worked on tacos for dinner.

My mom came over for dinner, but Jason called to say that his pressure washing job was going to take a little longer than planned and that he would be late. We decided to eat without him. Jason hardly ever lets this happen, but in this case he just misjudged the length of a job. So we ate dinner. Jonas, who never spills anything, spilled his kool-aid all over the carpet. I got the spot shot and cleaned it up. Seriously, whoever invented Spot Shot is a genius–it gets out everything! Then after dinner, I got out the ice cream and the cones and the little boy who insisted on having ice cream cones for dessert got upset! He didn’t want ice cream cones. He wanted his in a bowl. Actually, he wanted to know why we didn’t buy the waffle cone bowls instead of the cones. I wanted to know why he didn’t ask for those instead of the cones he asked to get. He said he didn’t know he could get those. Sigh. So I got out three bowls instead. Then he changed his mind. No, not a bowl! A cone! So I got out the cones again and made him an ice cream cone which he immediately dropped on the floor. He got upset and I got the spot shot out again while my mom made him another ice cream cone.

Then while we were eating ice cream, I informed him that next week at school, he’s the star of the week. We have to take pictures of things Jonas likes and they’ll be posted on the star of the week board. I asked (six year-old) Jonas what his favorite game or activity is. He said (I kid you not), “Spin the Bottle.” Well you can imagine that my mom and I were taken completely off guard, and although we probably should not have laughed, we did. Honestly, I have no idea where that came from. Jonas got mad and stormed off to his room (he’s pretty sensitive). I went and gently explained that although I’m sure spin the bottle is a pretty fun game (which I hope goes out of style before he gets to be 12 or 10 or whatever age all that scary stuff starts happening when he gets to be that old), it’s not exactly what Mrs. Tweddell had in mind. I didn’t mention that it would probably also keep him off the invitation list for a lot of birthday parties for years to come if we let that information go public.

So then, it was back to spelling pratice. We practiced and practiced and practiced and there were still four words he could not get: spin, snip, hint, and mints. It was the blended sounds. We worked for about an hour, trying lots of different techniques to no avail, and then I let him play some while Jason came home and ate dinner. Then Jason worked on spelling with him. They worked for about 45 minutes before we finally decided it was too much. Jonas just could not get those words. It was frustrating for everyone. So we read some books and played and then he went to bed. And I did too. And then I sat my husband down and informed him that at no time in the future was he to ever engage in any behavior that may result in me becoming a single parent.

And then, yesterday, Jonas took his spelling test and he got 100%. Jason and I tried not to be completely shocked, but we were. He absolutely could not spell those words when he went to bed that night. But something must have come together in his head while he slept, I guess.

Interesting Day So Far…

September 15, 2005

Well, today has been a different day than I originally planned. First of all, Jonas stayed with us last night even though it’s not one of our regular nights. His stepfather had to go to the emergency room (we were never given any more information that that) last night so Jonas came to our house, did his homework, took a shower, read some books (with help–I mean, the kid’s a genius, but he’s only in first grade!), and went to bed.

So this morning, Jason went to work at 5:00 and I woke up at 6:00. I had to make Jonas breakfast, get him dressed, and get him to school on time. I do this 3 times a week, so you think that adding a fourth time wouldn’t be too tough. Well, I was wrong.

First of all, today is pay day. I get paid every two weeks, so I do our major grocery shopping every two weeks on Thursday. We are running out of food, but I didn’t think it would be a big deal with just Jason and I and last night being a church night with dinner included. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to prepare breakfast without the following things: eggs, bread, milk, cereal, meat. So the morning started off with me gently trying to convince a stubborn six year old that he wanted to eat breakfast at school today. No dice. He didn’t want to eat at school, he wanted to eat at home and watch Arthur. So I gently broke the news about the lack of breakfast food. He was mad and stomped off to the family room while I said, “Jonas Durham, lose your attitude right now!” even though I knew very well that there wasn’t an “or else” because I didn’t have any ammunition for an “or else” at that point since we were already wasting time and I still didn’t have a breakfast solution.

Luckily I found two packets of maple and brown sugar oatmeal! Instant=just add water! Since we have a kitchen sink and a microwave it meant that I had my solution! I served it alongside some apple sauce and a 10 calorie Kool-Aid jammer and voila–Bon Apetite! Jonas was not as excited as I was, but he did eat all of the oatmeal.

Then it was time to get dressed and we had an argument about whether or not he could take a sword in the car (no). Then he didn’t want to stop playing. Then he dumped the contents of his lunchbox out on the porch when he tried to keep the cat from coming inside. Then he had to write in the condensation on the outside of his car window for a minute. Then he had to erase it. Then he had to read his seatbelt buckle (it says “press”). Then we finally got to leave and head to school, only about five minutes behind schedule.

We were driving down our road when Jonas started screaming and crying, “It won’t come off!” He had found a 14 inch zip tie in my backseat (we used them to hang the banner from the stage at the concert) and decided to put it around his knee. He pulled it all the way before he realized that those things aren’t reversible. Luckily, I still had a pair of scissors in the car from when we cut the banner loose after the concert. I had to pull over, get out, calm him down, and cut him free. I’m glad I had those scissors! Can you imagine me trying to explain that at school?

Then after I finally got back out into traffic on the way to school, a cop gets behind me at the next intersection. He kept following me. I kept driving pretty slow. He kept following. I stopped completely at all of the stoplights. Finally, when I got into the line to drop Jonas off at Holy Name, he decided I wasn’t worth waiting in the big line for and drove the other way.

Then, I went to the church to wait for Jonas to come over for school mass. He was okay at mass, but somewhere around the eucharist, he put his thumbs in his airs and stuck his tongue out at me. I waited until a song started before I made him change seats with me so that he was sitting away from his friend. That’s a mom trick I’ve picked up–if you discipline while people are singing, they probably won’t hear the child fuss back at you and you can save loads of embarassment.

Anyway, hopefully the rest of his day went well. Mine got better and I got a lot of work done. So much done that I have time to blog while I wait to be able to go pick Jonas up at school and take him for a haircut.

I tried to post pictures in that empty post that I made earlier, but it wouldn’t upload them for some reason. I’m not sure what happened since it worked the other day. You’ll just have to wait for your pictures, Katie!

I’m sitting in my brand new, comfortable office chair. I can’t remember if I mentioned buying it in a fit of rebellion last week. Yes, world, when I get rebellious, I buy office furniture. Watch out! It’s brown and a little bit ugly, but it’s mine (well, technically the church’s) and it’s comfortable, and I love it. My old chair was falling apart and it scared me.

The second Brownie meeting is coming up in about 40 minutes. I think I’m all set. You wouldn’t believe the logistics involved in getting a meeting together for 22 little girls. At least in the beginning. I’m frightened about how organized I am–it’s almost an obsession. I’m really going to work on making sure that I get to talk to each girl for a little bit this afternoon because that’s the bad thing about having a big troop–not a lot of individual attention! It makes me appreciate the smaller youth group and smaller children’s ministry that we have at our church.

Concert Pictures

September 12, 2005

Woo Hoo Concert!

September 11, 2005

The David Lutz Band concert went really, really well. It was a lot of fun and we had a nice crowd. And the weather was BEAUTIFUL! I’m so grateful that everything fell so nicely into place. I just had a moment and wanted to give an update! I’ll post the pictures soon.

My Wonderful Husband

September 10, 2005
Jason came home from a hard day of work yesterday (8 hours in the factory, 5 hours pressure washing and giving estimates) and told me to get ready to go out. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We got in his truck and he just drove all over the downtown, which made me keep thinking, “Oh, we’re going to Mi Cocina,” or “Oh, we must be going to the river” or “Is he taking me to Rookies?” before he finally parked at the riverfront park and walked us over to Amicis, a quaint little Italian restaurant downtown that neither of us had ever tried. We hadn’t been to dinner since before his temporary layoff, so it was a really nice surprise. We had salad and pasta and talked about things that didn’t include 1)work or 2)the boring every day stuff we’re usually forced to talk about. We discussed what we would write about if we ever wrote a book and that sparked other discussion. We took our time, ignored the waitress who kept asking if she should take our plates, and enjoyed being there.

Then we walked around the downtown for a little bit, saw that one of our friends was still in her downtown shop and visited, and then went to Blockbuster to rent a movie.

We both have a busy day of work ahead of us today, but he actually made me breakfast and served it to me on a tray this morning. So then I packed his lunch for him before he left.

What a great guy I married!

Friday Morning

September 9, 2005

Well, the cat’s feeling better. She woke me up at 5:00 this morning after Jason left for work and let her in. She jumped on the bed, stood on my stomach, and meowed until I got up and fed her. I guess we’re friends again.

Jonas wanted to eat breakfast at school this morning. He sees other children eating breakfast and wanted to see what it was all about. It actually made for a much smoother morning. He got to sleep later and we didn’t waste time with television. I went with him and sat with him while he ate. It was nice to sit down with him in the morning. I’ll go to his classroom this afternoon to volunteer at reading time.

Then I need to come back home and work on my sermon for Sunday morning. I know what I’m supposed to say, I think, but it will be a challenge getting it on paper this afternoon. Jason has a couple of pressure wash jobs lined up today, so hopefully he’ll get home before it gets dark. He’s gotten so much new business from his ad. It really was a good investment.

Tomorrow, our church is hosting a David Lutz Band concert at the riverfront at 7:00. We’re hosting a free dinner at the church before the concert. It’s been a bit of work, but I talked to David Lutz this morning and it’s all come together and now all there is to do is get ready to feed everyone. Oh, and get zip ties for the “Sponsored By The Presbyterian Church” banner.

I got my hair cut this morning. It’s not the best haircut I ever got, but it will do 🙂

Cold Shoulder From a Cat

September 7, 2005
Well, the cat hates me. She hasn’t spoken a word since I picked her up from the vet. All she does is lay on the bathroom floor and ignore us. She hasn’t eaten anything or had any water (that I can tell) since she came home. Hopefully this will get better. I feel awful for her.

Power Lunch went well. I was really nervous when I had to talk, though! But some people were really interested in OCC, so that’s good.

We kicked off our Wednesday night programs at church tonight. The women of the church hosted a cookout that was lots of fun. Would you believe I forgot to take pictures of everything today? I’m horrible about remembering to use my camera–and I even got fresh batteries for it this morning! I was just thinking it would sure be nice if I posted some pictures, but I never take any so I guess we’ll never know. Jason’s really good at remembering to use the camera. I wonder what that says about the difference between him and I?

You may wonder why I’m blogging so late (I remember when 11:00 p.m. was still early). I was trying to go to sleep, but I’m preaching at the early service on Sunday and God likes to give me my sermons in the middle of the night. That’s probably because that’s when I stop thinking and doing stuff and he can finally get in a word or two! Jason’s gotten so used to me getting up in the middle of the night to work on sermons that when I hopped out of bed, he just said, “there’s a notebook on the bookshelf!” and went back to sleep. I took a bunch of notes and marvelled at the wonderful word of God in Hebrews 11:32-12:29 for awhile and now I’m putting a summary of my day in this blog so that maybe I can finally go to sleep!