Busy Sunday

I went to both services this morning and taught Sunday School and also Children’s Church. After church I rushed home so that we could get ready to go to a family reunion in Onton (Jason’s dad’s side of the family). I did some housework and now am just playing around on the computer while Jason does some yardwork for a friend.

My brother, Jeff came and visited yesterday. He leaves for Thailand in a little over a week, but seems to have most things in order. Should it make me a little nervous that he just faxed in the information for his visa yesterday? He probably should have done that sooner, but hopefully that will all work out. He’ll be in Thailand for six months.

Jason’s ad has him busy this whole upcoming week. He got four calls yesterday and lined up some more jobs this morning at church. I think it will have been a good investment, anyway.

Also, for those of you who are keeping track, Jonas got 100% on his second spelling test!

Coffee part deux

Well, I’m sitting in our family room drinking a non-fat mocha cappuccino and watching the news. Is the coffee good? You bet! Visit Bridgeview Coffee’s website by going to www.bridgeviewcoffee.com.

I took Jonas to school this morning, where he will take his second spelling test (he got an A+ on the first one) and hopefully have a good day. Jason took him to the eye doctor last week and found out that he needs glasses, so hopefully those will come in today. He had been complaining some about not being able to read the board, but we weren’t sure what that meant, since technically Jonas can’t read yet (although he’s learning fast). He really wanted glasses, so hopefully he didn’t fake blindness during his exam!

Jason has a big ad for his window/pressure washing business coming out in the paper tomorrow. It will be a 81/2 by 11 flier inserted into the middle of the paper. It looks awesome and it has some coupons, so hopefully he’ll get a lot of calls! He’s got his hopes so high about it that I think it will crush him if he doesn’t get a decent response. Ten-thousand fliers were made, so surely he’ll get at least 10 new customers…hopefully more.

My brother, Jeff, is coming to visit tonight. He’s a missionary and he’s leaving for a six month stay in Thailand on September 13. He’ll be here through tomorrow night when he leaves to go visit friends in Bloomington. Jonas is really excited about his visit, and of course Jason, Mom and I are, too.

A lot of people are complaining about gas prices, but as I glance up at the television, I’m just glad that my house is still standing, I have clean water, and my family is all alive. I’m praying that those people will be rescued soon.


Not the musical–which I have never seen. The actual animals. Specifically the actual animals that were living in my house. We got rid of all of the kittens that our cat, Simon, had in July. I am celebrating! And even better? Jason cleaned up the bathroom where they have been living and I didn’t even have to deal with the mess! I mean, I’ve been dealing with the mess all along, but I was dreading the end mess where we had to clean the bathroom from top to bottom so that it would be usable to humans again. I’m glad to have it back because we were all using the utility room bathroom and it’s not very big.

Anyway, all of the kittens are gone and I wish I could tell you I was sad. But I am not. The only problem I have now is that Simon wakes me up every morning when Jason goes to work. I wonder if that will get better when we get her fixed on Tuesday. Oh WAIT–I know it will get better because after she recovers from surgery, she’s going back outside where she belongs and then our house will be a pet-free zone once again! Well, not including the fish, but they’re not making messes for me to clean up.

Jonas’ grandfather (Jason’s dad) brought over a make your own light sabre kit for Jonas to play with tonight. I think that Jason’s having more fun helping Jonas make his “life saver” look just like “Annakin Stywater’s.”

Tomorrow is Friday and I think I’ll take the day off! Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

The Hurricane

I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety about the hurricane and all of the flooding and death and overall destruction. Whenever natural disasters destroy lives and land, it’s always hard for me to understand why. It’s just so tragic. I’ve been watching the news reports and it’s just so hard to believe everything that I’m seeing.

First of all, it’s frustrating to me that there are so many people looting. At a time when everyone should be pulling together and working to make a horrible situation better, it just seems so self-defeating to have people just looking out for themselves. I guess I could understand it better if it was a case of being hungry and taking food, but it’s not that way as far as I can tell.

I also am slightly bothered by all of the comparisons to the December Tsunami that took thousands of lives and destroyed land in several countries of South Asia. Hurricane Katrina is a disaster in its own way, but I don’t think it can be compared on the same scale as the Tsunami. It’s a bit ethno-centric of Americans to keep comparing the damages, in my opinion. At least the residents of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida had adequate advanced warning to evacuate.

Although I will say that the stories I’m hearing are as heartbreaking as the ones I heard six months ago from Tsunami survivors. There was one man sobbing to a reporter last night about he had been holding onto his wife’s hand as best he could and then just couldn’t hold on anymore.

Today is a national day of prayer for the hurricane victims. There are obviously many people still trapped and many people still unaccounted for. Pray for the situation and donate through the Red Cross or another charity to help the relief effort.




I needed some go juice this morning that was a little stronger than the diet coke I’m used to. Jason was laid off for three weeks, but he went back to work on Monday. This means an alarm goes off in my bedroom at 4:00 every morning. Some days I sleep through it, today I did not. So after I took Jonas to school, I went and got a fat free french vanilla cappuccino at the gas station on my way to work…FOR THE LAST TIME! Don’t get me wrong, it was an okay cup of coffee, but starting tomorrow I can get the real thing at Bridgeview Coffee House. The parents of one of the Brownies in my Girl Scout Troop are opening their shop tomorrow morning. No more gas station cappuccino! Is it strange that I’m so excited? I don’t know. I do know that I’m such a dork that I actually went to their parking lot the other day and sat and read their menu! Oh well, at least I’ll be an over-caffeinated dork.

I’ve spent the morning working on Brownie (girl scout) stuff–preparing paperwork, mailing, and record books. Right now, we have 32 girls signed up to be in the troop this year. That’s almost 4 times as many as we had in the troop last year. Naturally, I’m terrified! I think all of that extra caffeine will come in handy…

Soaking Wet

I really didn’t want to get off the couch this morning! I was snuggled down watching the news and then I had to get up and go to South Middle School to First Priority at 7:30. I had an umbrella, but by the time I made it in from the parking lot, my pants were soaked! Then I had to do it all over again when I left.

My socks are drying on the heater in my office!

Tonight I have a parents meeting for Brownie Troop 981. I would definitely encourage anyone who likes kids to get involved in scouting. It’s a lot of fun and it’s so good for the kids involved. I’m leading a Brownie Troop and Jason and Jonas are involved in a Tiger Scout troop.

Monday, Monday

It’s kind of dreary here, but I guess I can’t complain. I’m listening to the news about the hurricane on MSNBC.com and it’s a lot worse there. I’ve been praying this morning that the loss of life would be minimal. I feel especially bad as I read stories about disabled people who were unable to evacuate New Orleans.

There’s an interesting article in the new issue of Presbyterians Today (www.pcusa.org/today). It’s called “Start Them Early” and offers tips on activating your child’s spiritual life. There are a lot more things involved in the article, but here’s the bulleted list:

  • Model the spiritual life for your children
  • Remember, it’s never too early
  • Institute a quiet time
  • Teach children to pray
  • Participate in a community of faith
  • Have your child create a personal prayer space
  • Encourage daily spiritual habits
  • Bring out the fruit of the spirit in your children
  • Stress the Golden Rule
  • Pray daily for your children and their spiritual growth

It’s rainy with more rain on the way!

It makes for a cozy kind of day. I don’t have much planned for this morning, but I’m having lunch at school with Jonas and Jason today. Jason took Jonas to school this morning and then went to the store to get kitty litter and kitten food. Our cat, Simon (Jonas named her), had four kittens seven weeks ago. They are cute, but it’s time for them to find new homes. And then Simon gets fixed. She was a stray and we took her in when she was pregnant.

Anyone want a new kitten? I’ll post a picture whenever I figure that out.

Anyway, tonight I have a youth group movie night. Our movie nights are always a hit, even though no one really watches the movie. They play dodge ball, sardines, basketball, and run around together, so the movie’s just a cover. It’s always fun.

The first post of a new blog is always the worst, I think. I’ve been putting this off because I didn’t know what to say.

So anyway, I’ll just pretend like this is not my first post.

I’ll write about Jonas’ spelling words. He has his very first spelling test tomorrow. First grade is shaping up to be kind of tough! His words are: a, is, an, the, was, am, ham, at, hat, sat and summer (the bonus word). Why do I have his spelling list memorized? Because he has taken three practice tests tonight. He aced the last two! I never knew the kind of pressure parents had when their children are in first grade. I honestly am scared to death that he’s going to choke under pressure tomorrow. Is this insane or what? I mean, it’s just a spelling test and I’m not even the one taking it. HE’S IN FIRST GRADE for goodness sakes.

Anyway, I’m sure he’ll do fine and I probably will too.