Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday plus a bunch of children just starting Spring Break created some hard to contain energy at the Presbyterian Church this morning! Here’s how the children’s message went:

The Scripture reading was Luke 19:28-40 (Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem–or the Palm Sunday reading in Luke)

Me: “So you notice we have some rocks up here. I wonder if you know why?”

Jac: Because the Bible’s like a rock!

Michael: Jesus is our rock!

Sam: They are here to represent something (smart alecky, but cute, really)!

Me: (took a deep breath and repeated and responded to each of those answers and then the joke line:) I thought we could have a rock concert.

Kids: (groaning)

Congregation: (gracious laughter)

Me: Do you think these rocks could sing?

Kids: No!

Me: Do you think these rocks could talk?

One of the kids: Maybe!

Me: Do you think these rocks could tell us stories of Jesus?

Two of the kids: YES!

One of the kids: Especially if you give them these things (reaching behind the rocks into my stash and pulling out the speech bubble cut outs that were for the END of my children’s message)!

Me: Um….(went on to talk about Jesus entry into Jerusalem and the people that wanted Jesus to quiet the crowd and Jesus’ answer that if the people were silent, the rocks would cry out–all while 10 children are crawling all over the front of the church, passing out my end of sermon speech bubbles and basically ignoring me).

Me: So I wonder what these rocks would say about God’s story?

Sam: Well, they have words on them!

Me: Yep, let’s read the first one (proceeded to attempt to have the kids help me read the speech bubbles I had cut out and filled in and placed on each rock–some of them were attempting to read multiple rocks at the same time, the non-readers were attempting to use the tape already on the rocks to affix my blank end of sermon speech bubbles to the rocks to make them extra pretty).

Me: (exhausted, but determined) These rocks could tell some stories, but we can’t let them. Who can share God’s story?

Italia: Jesus!

Me: Well, yes, Jesus

Michael: The disciples!

Me: Yes, the disciples shared stories…and who are Jesus’ disciples on earth now?

Sam: Us!

Me: (Oh, thanks be to God I didn’t have anything left) YES! US! So, now, everyone take one of the blank speech bubbles (arguing over who gets what color and how many you’re supposed to take ensued) so you can write a story that you can tell others so they will know about Jesus! And let’s pray!

Whew! Are we sure this week ENDS with candy? I’m pretty sure someone was passing it out behind my back this morning…