Park Here To Send Us To Swan Quarter

It’s Tri-Fest Friday! That means I will be spending much of the next 48 hours at the church, keeping track of cash, cars and kids!

Several years ago, our former, dear custodian, Ron, had an idea. Every year, Tri-Fest comes to Henderson. And every year, our parking lot is full because we have some of the closest spaces in town. We should really be charging people to park here and using the money for something worthwhile.

Guess what? I thought of something worthwhile! Every year, our youth group uses our parking lot during Tri-Fest (a street fair that is a fundraiser for various non-profit groups in town) to raise money for our high school mission team. Our high school missionaries are required to work 4 hours each (and an adult must work with each of them). We charge $5 per car to park in the lot.

We find that there are many different kinds of Tri-Fest goers. Here’s the rundown:

The Church Member
Our church members know they better park in our lot or hide their cars really well somewhere else.

The Co-Conspirators In Christ
These friends are looking for any way they can to support local Christian groups! They already know that we are selling our parking spots to raise money for youth missions and they are excited about it. They pull in to park even if there are spots right on the street (we can’t charge for spots on the street) and often tell us to “keep the change!” We like our co-conspirators!

The Defeated Parker
“I give up!” these people proclaim. “I’ve been around this block six times and I can’t find anywhere else to park. Fine, take my money!” We do.

The “You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me!” Parker
“Really? You’re going to charge me to park here?” “People are actually paying to park here?” Yes, we are and yes, they are.

The “lalalalalala…I’m Not Paying Attention” Parker
“Oh! You have to PAY to park here? I didn’t realize! I’m just going to turn around and get out of here!” Um, yes, you have to pay. That’s why we have all the signs, the line of cars waiting to pay and the people taking money.

The Jerkface
Someone actually threw food at some of our students last year. One year, someone sprayed us with soda as they drove by. Every year, we hear some colorful language shouted at us from car windows (probably jerkface is unable to find a parking space anywhere else).

The Politician
It’s an election year in Henderson, so I imagine we’ll have a lot of politicians parking in our lot and attempting to pass out their balloons, water bottles and keychains in the middle of everything. You know who I don’t vote for? People who lose me customers.

We’re praying for good weather and a great weekend! Happy Tri-Fest everyone!