Photo A Day for Lent: Alone


This is a picture of the table where I’ve been sitting, alone, nearly every morning of Lent.

(Photo-bombed by Sam, I’ll just mention.)

I did not really plan to do it, but starting with Ash Wednesday, I’ve woken up around 5:00 a.m. nearly every morning, come to this table with various forms of Scripture and devotional aids in hand (laptop, kindle, prayer book, Bible), and sat, alone for an hour.

Here’s what I usually do:

Read the “Rethink Church” blog for the day.

Read the daily scriptures using my prayer book and Bible or the PC(USA)’s daily lectionary site.

Check Google Reader or Feedly and catch up on the blogs I’ve been reading during Lent. Some notables:

Check Tweetdeck and Facebook to see what’s up with my loved ones near and far. And to satisfy both an addiction and a need to know what people are talking about.

Read from my Kindle. Here are some books I’ve been reading:

Through all of this, I find myself praying–for myself, for my loved ones, for people I don’t even know but have read about.

All of this causes me to realize that although I’ve been alone, I’ve not been alone. I’ve read words written by authors from ancient times and modern times; I’ve shared this journey with blog readers as well as these wonderful blog writers; I’ve traveled with people I admire and love; I’ve prayed for and with people who are sitting at another table.

Thanks for sharing this Lenten road with me!

One thought on “Photo A Day for Lent: Alone”

  1. Actually, I think that you are not really alone as long as you are on social media! You need to go to Audubon Park or go to a wind swept beach; and walk-by yourself-no phone, laptop, I Pad, allowed! I’m not sure that you should read the lectionaries either during this alone time. Just saying……

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