Photo A Day for Lent: Bless



These hands belong to Willie Ann Brock.

Anyone who goes to our church knows Willie Ann and her hugs and her words of encouragement and her loud laughter. There is hardly anything that could keep Willie Ann away from her church family and I’ve never known anything to make her critical or bitter or irritated. Every time I see Willie Ann, she is grinning from ear to ear, speaking to each person as though she were speaking to Jesus himself.

This picture is Willie Ann’s hands, holding the Christ Candle after Bible Study this morning. To me it was a metaphor for her whole life. She is a person who holds out Christ to everyone around her. It would be difficult to find a person in our church who has not been blessed by Willie Ann’s ministry and care.

She is someone who blesses each person. She hugs children, she writes letters, she visits the sick, she pours drinks for Wednesday night dinners, she bakes bread, she cares for her neighbors, she hugs the youth minister who has had a bad day, she loves each soul who appears in her path.

I’m grateful for her ministry, the blessings that come from her hands, and the lessons I learn from watching her care for and love others.

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