Photo A Day for Lent: Cover

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In this world, there are places that are safe and there are places that are not. We see that this is true every day.

A horrific event takes place at a school and parents begin updating their facebook statuses declaring that they are going to homeschool their children.

A string of bank robberies in town causes people to declare that they are only using the drive-thru from now on.

Violence falls upon someone in a particular neighborhood and we lock our doors while we drive through it just to be on the safe side.

Truth is, though, there aren’t any guaranteed safe places…just places that we perceive to be safe. Danger, violence, and sadness can happen anywhere.

In my journey with Jesus, it is always tempting to stay where it is safe. I have all kinds of excuses for hiding out.

I’m so busy.

I represent the church, so I have to take into account their reputation.

I have a family so I can’t do anything too risky.

There are other people who are much more qualified to handle this.

With my list of excuses in hand, I stay in the safety zone while needs and injustices rise up around me. Sure, I should speak up, intervene, take up the cause of justice or stand on the side of the afflicted…





Here’s the thing. There are no completely safe hiding spots, only those we perceive to be safe.

Pray for me as I learn to leave my hiding spots and excuses behind and do the things God is calling me to do.