Photo A Day for Lent: Evil


I’ve been stumped by today’s word all day.

What is evil? Is it something I could photograph in a 24 hour span?

Turns out, maybe not? I thought of some funny examples and some serious ones…struggled with my own beliefs about evil…kept my eyes open all day, watching for evil.

You know what I think of when I think about evil? Goodness.

God’s goodness always trumps evil. In our study catechism, Question 22 claims that “God provides for the world by bringing good out of evil, so that nothing evil is permitted to occur that God does not bend finally to the good.”

All the bad things that happen. All the horrifying deeds committed. All the hopeless moments when it seems that evil is about to swallow all things good…there is nothing that God will not eventually bend into something good.

Goodness is stronger than evil.