Photo A Day for Lent: Find

I started the afternoon searching for a dress at the mall.

I did not find my dress. I did however, find this:


Here’s the thing. I don’t really like this dress. But it caught my eye and I was drawn to it.

Besides being the wrong size, it is also a terrible color for me (coral, although it looks a bit red in the picture), a terrible style for me and just a completely bad idea. (Apologies if you’ve already purchased it. I’m sure it looks awesome on you.)

I did not try this dress (or one of a similar style). I did, however, try a couple of dresses on that I loved on the rack…and then hated once I had them on in the fitting room.

Sometimes I search for something–to do, to join, to be. I think I’ve found it. It looks just perfect. But then…it doesn’t fit. Wrong size, wrong style, etc.

The key is to develop the wisdom to know that I need to put it back on the rack and walk away.