Photo A Day for Lent: Home

jason 777

This bird feeder is in the backyard of the place I call home.

Home is where my family is; where I hug Jonas and tell him to have a good day at school; where I sit on the couch with my husband and tell him about my day; where I invite friends and family to come and share the table or the back yard.

It’s home…but it’s not home, you know? What I mean is that no matter how settled I am and no matter how much I love the life I have been given, I still long for the Kingdom we pray for when we say the Our Father/Lord’s Prayer.

This week, as I muddle my way through a broken world, I long for God’s Kingdom to come to earth as it is in heaven, for everything wrong to be made right.

Until then, I feel a bit like these birds. I love and enjoy the good things God has provided and I love the place and people who are home…but this side of God’s Kingdom, I’ll always be a bit restless and unsettled.