Photo A Day for Lent: Rejoice


Today I have many reasons to rejoice:

A fourth grade girl, who has autism and is mostly non-verbal, made me two bright and colorful “I Love You Mrs. Becky” pictures at After School Club today. She always makes me feel loved and appreciated, even when all of her friends are being downright heathens. (It’s almost Spring Break. Mrs. Becky barely survived this afternoon.)

Two of my church friends bought me the above pictured belly dancing scarf for my Zumba classes tonight (those discs jingle like crazy when one shakes her hips). So fun! So joyful!

My friends Crissy and Colleen are driving to Illinois tomorrow and making their marriage legal. The only non-joyful thing about this is they live too far away to join them for the reception afterwards. Best wishes, congratulations and mazel tov, friends!

Jonas is wearing one sock with hot pink stripes and one sock with neon yellow and blue stripes. They just make me happy when he walks by me.

It snowed all day today. I wanted to not rejoice about that, but then I remember–this is the day that God has made. I will rejoice. I will rejoice.

I’m home with my feet up, Sam standing by, my husband making a late, post-meeting dinner and the brightly-socked Jonas telling me jokes from his iPod.

I’m grateful. I rejoice in God’s goodness.